VICTORYIN ASBURYPARK W HAT WE FACED: The opposition to Festival of Life Asbury Park was like nothing we have ever faced. This meeting was not being held in the “Bible Belt.” It was being held in an LGBT dominated town during “Gay Pride Month.” Protesters declared the event as a sham run by a right-wing hate group. They tore down our signs and announced to the town that our event had been cancelled. But that wasn’t all. The threats against myself and our crusade team were so severe that the Department of Homeland Security became involved to oversee the first night of meetings! Team members were forced to change housing twice due to threats received. 18 of the 25 supporting pastors caved to LGBT pressure—with some joining their protest of Festival of Life! Read this observation from Lawyer and Journalist Tom De Seno (Excerpted from his article “Anti- Religious Asbury Park City Council Violated Constitution, Unwittingly Supported Hate and Neglected Black People”): “Three Pastors stood onstage to protest Shuttlesworth for espousing that gay sex is a sin. Hypocrisy alert: All three of Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, BY JONATHAN SHUTTLESWORTH their churches have Christian dogma that holds gay sex is a sin. They protested what they believe to be the Word of the Lord. Look Pastors – I get your fear of the outrage team. I also know that Peter denied Christ three times before the cock crowed, but at least he cried bitterly when he did. And the Romans had swords... Pastors, you helped drown out a sermon in the public square instead of promoting listening and dialogue. Giant speakers were used against him. The outrage team tried to have bagpipes, bands, noisemakers and drum circles to stop his sermon from his west. From his east, The Beach Bar’s DJ turned up his volume to drown out the sermon. They also surrounded him, driving cars around Bradley Park with ra- dios on full. You pastors drowned out a sermon. Let me tell you something else Pastors– you’re bullies. Imagine justifying to your Youth Ministries what your consorts did to Shuttlesworth and the bullying you supported by standing with them: They spread lies that Shuttlesworth is a pedophile, a drug addict, shows infidelity to his wife, has sex with strangers in bathrooms and is gay (something wrong with being gay?). They claim to be mailing annoyances to his Church. They had children as REVIVAL TODAY MAGAZINE